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Having-It-All: Inspiring Experience

Чуть меньше месяца назад в компании, с которой сейчас связана большая часть моих professional activities, вышел номер корпоративного журнала под моей редакцией. Поскольку откликов он породил множество, решено было со следующим выпуском не затягивать, а постараться сделать его уже веcной - в марте-апреле 2015 г. Одной из главных тем обозначили женщин, а точнее даже - feminine составляющую в культуре, бизнесе, жизни организации, поведении, отношениях. В связи с этим я активно читаю и перечитываю книги и статьи по данной проблематике, с удовольствием пересматриваю видео Sheryl Sandberg, изучаю феномен 'power couples'. В поиске нового о having-it-all, я, благодаря наводке от коллеги, наткнулась на серию интервью, которыми хочу поделиться. Страницы, увы, удалось выловить только из cash в Google, почему-то сайт, на котором они размещены, больше не активен.

Итак, 5 интервью на тему 'How to Manage a Senior Position and Children':

  1. Julia Tishenko is Tesco’s Category Director for Central Europe. She Tesco’s home business in Europe, trading in Poland, Czech, Hungary, Slovakia on-line and in stores. She manages a team of 50 people, with regular international travel. She mentors internally and is also a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation. She has 2 children under 5.

  2. Aparajita Ajit is Vice President and Head Banking & Capital Markets UK and Europe at MphasiS, an HP company based in Bank, London. She works flexibly and has a three-year-old son and lives in New Malden, Surrey. She volunteers for the Mayor’s Mentor Programme.

  3. Jane Michell runs Jane Plan, a business that has quickly grown from the kitchen table to a large business with thousands of clients, and 4 employees. She is the main breadwinner in her family and also has 3 children between 10 and 18.

  4. Iman Hill became General Manager at SASOL last year, and has 5 children. She is an expatriate and – as a mother – has worked in Malaysia, The Netherlands, Egypt and now the UK. Before SASOL she has worked in BP, Shell, an independent oil company and BG Group. Three of her children are primary school age, and the eldest two are towards the end of senior school. Until recently she also held two non-executive directorships. She is also a single mother, as her husband passed away 4 years ago.

  5. Vanessa Vallely is Head of Business Management at Aviva Investors 4 days/week, she is also the founder of leading women’s network and website, www.wearethecity.com which serves an audience of over 100,000 City Women. She co-founded the City wide diversity network, The Network of Networks which includes the Diversity heads and heads of women’s networks from 45 FTSE firms. Vanessa has won a number of prizes and awards, most recently the Champion for Women award at the 2011 Women in Banking and Finance Awards. She is regularly featured in the media and is often called upon to speak at corporate and charity events. Vanessa has a husband and 2 daughters (aged 8 and 11). She is a school governor and Non Executive Director for the National Youth Music Theatre and the Prostate Cancer Charity. Just this Sunday she ran the London Marathon.

И после прочтения всех этих интервью... Не могу не поделиться провокационным комиксом: